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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that uses the smartphone to place virtual objects in the real world. The result is magical!


2D and 3D

2D means two-dimensional. A 2D image is flat and without depth, so it can only be seen from a single angle. Videos and photos are 2D objects.

3D means three-dimensional. A 3D image has depth, shadow and texture and can be viewed from many different angles as if it were a real object. You can even walk around it!



A Glimp is a new kind of message in augmented reality. It is the set of a character/avatar, animations and content that you can send to your friends or leave in the city for any other Glimpsy user to interact with.

Customize a Glimp

Customizing a Glimp is the great moment of creation!

Your creation starts with the assembly of a character/avatar that makes sense with the message you want to convey. You can choose the shape and color of your body, eyes, eyebrow, nose, mouth, hair and beard, as well as the style with amazing clothes, shoes and accessories.

Then you select an animation that will make your Glimp come alive! Dance, vomit, cry, play soccer... you decide which is the best movement to express the emotion you want.

Finally, if you think it is necessary, you can include a mini text to express yourself.

And don't forget, each Glimp is unique and there are no limits to its creation! Go there and rock!


Anchor a Glimp or Find a Surface

Anchoring is fixing your Glimp on a valid surface, defining the location where you want your Glimp to be positioned for you to interact with.

Point your phone at a flat area that can be a floor, table, some furniture or any other surface that your Glimp understands as "floor". It can be on the sidewalk in front of your house, on the grass under a tree, on the dining table, on the edge of the pool or even on your grandmother's head!

AR mode and Studio mode

You can choose to use the app in two ways: AR MODE and STUDIO MODE.

In AR MODE, you can see Glimp in the environment you are in and this is where the magic happens: the real world and the virtual mix.

In STUDIO MODE, the application uses a picture background for you to create and interact with your Glimp.

If you are using Glimpsy in a dark environment or if you are on the move (walking or inside a means of transport) the app will automatically open STUDIO MODE.

You also have the freedom to choose AR MODE or STUDIO MODE.