What is a Glimp?

Glimp is a new message format in augmented reality. It is the set of a character / avatar, animations and content that you can send to your friends or leave in the city for any other Glimpsy user to interact with.


How do I create a Glimp?

This is easy!!!


1º To create a Glimp, just click on the G button on the main screen

2º The app will ask you to move your phone around. Do this slowly. Once a valid surface is found, your character/avatar will be fixed at that point. Ready! Your Glimp is anchored!

If the surface is not identified, your screen will automatically switch to STUDIO MODE.


3º Your character/avatar will appear on your screen, and now is time for you to make it your own!

You can edit: body, clothes and accessories, body movements, facial movements and message.

4º Now just click on the SHARE button


5º Define whether this Glimp will be PUBLIC or PRIVATE

And, if you didn't like your creation, just click on the X and cancel.

How do I share my Glimps?

For you to share a Glimp with other users, just click on the FOWARD button.

You can also create a video and share your Glimp in any platform.


How do I create a video?


1º Click on the camera button to CREATE A VIDEO

2º Select the length of your video. You will see a countdown 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... recording!

3º During recording you can unleash your imagination again by increasing or decreasing the size of your Glimp, moving it around and making it spin. All of this to tell the story the way you want it

4º When the time is up, the video will be automatically saved in your mobile's gallery

Can I choose the colors of my character/avatar?

You get to choose the color of the body, eye, eyebrow, mouth, hair and beard. To do this, simply select the color of your preference that appears in the vertical side bar when editing each item.


How do I see a Glimp more closely?

When there's a person standing in front of you, you take a step and approach them to see better or see some details of their clothes, right? At Glimpsy you do the same, you bring your smartphone closer to the Glimp and you will be able to see more closely!

With augmented reality the character is really fixed in that place, so you do as you would in real life, approaching your phone to the character/avatar.


How do I see all the angles and sides of a Glimp?

All you have to do is walk (that's right, walk!) Around your Glimp pointing your phone at it. Isn't augmented reality great?


Can I change the size of my Glimp?

Of course you can! You just have to make the zoom movement with two fingers on your character/avatar increasing or decreasing its size.

Is it possible to change the position of my Glimp?

Yes, to place your Glimp in the wanted position just drag your character/avatar by the feet.

Can my Glimp rotate or turn to the side?

Yes! What you need to do is drag your character/avatar right or left by the head. 

What is the difference between Public and Private Glimp?

A Private Glimp is visible and shared only between you and your friends. No one else will be able to see or have any kind of interaction with this Glimp.

A Public Glimp is always fixed in a specific location in the world! All users in our community can see and interact with it.

How do I see if there are Glimps near me?

On the main screen, when you see Glimps heads next to the G button it means that there are Glimps near your location. To view and interact with these Glimps just drag the avatar's head to the center of the G button.

How do I see a Glimp that was sent to me?
Whenever you receive a Private Glimp sent specially for you, you will receive a notification, in addition, on the main screen of the app this icon will appear in your INBOX indicating that you have new unopened Glimps!

How do I know who is the creator of a Glimp?

You can get more information about the creator by clicking on their @nickname and photo.


Can I anchor my Glimp at any address/location?

Yes, but at the time of creation you need to be physically in the location where you want your Glimp to be associated with.

What does the address that appears with Glimp means?

This is the address or location where this Glimp was created.

If you click on that address - LOCATION button, you will be able to see and interact with all the Public Glimps that were created in that same location.


Am I required to provide the location of my Glimp?

In a Private Glimp you can choose to send with or without location. To send without location, just choose HIDE LOCATION in the address bar.

If you create a Public Glimp the location will always appear with it.

How do I interact with a Glimp?

You can interact with a Glimp through a REACTION, leaving a COMMENT or recording a VIDEO to share anywhere.

We want our community to be diverse and harmonious so be kind and positive in your contributions.


Can I delete a comment I made on a Glimp?

Yes you can! To do this you need to select the comment you want to delete and drag your finger over to the left. After that just click DELETE.


I received a notification, how do I see it?

On the main screen, click on the NOTIFICATION button. A screen will appear with a list of all your notifications.

How do I delete a Glimp that I created?

1º Click on the PROFILE button

2º Click on the GLIMPS tab

3º Select the Glimp you want to delete

4º Click on MORE OPTIONS


When I delete a Glimp that I sent to a friend, does that exclusion only work for me or is it deleted for everyone?

When you delete a Glimp it “disappears” from our platform. Neither you nor any other user will have access to it anymore.