Community Guidelines

GLIMPSY is made up of people, so we count on your contribution to make our community even stronger!


In order to maintain a nice environment and encourage good interaction between all, we count on your help. Therefore, if you find inappropriate and / or pornographic content (obscene, sexually explicit and / or inappropriate language) let us know by . Know that we work together with the authorities to report child exploitation.


Your privacy is very important to GLIMPSY, so your data will never be sold or used without your consent. If someone used your personal information without your permission, request that the content be removed. Also, do not take photos or videos of other people, unless you have their permission. This type of breach may result in the loss of your Account.


Be careful with impersonation , accounts created to impersonate someone else can be removed.


For GLIMPSY, living together in harmony is very important, therefore, attitudes that involve any type of threat (predatory behavior, harassment, threats, harassment, intimidation, disclosure of third parties' personal information, inciting violent acts or violations of the Terms of Use) are taken very seriously! Anyone in one of these situations can be permanently banned from our community.


Abusive content is not appropriate . If harassment becomes a malicious attack, the content can be reported and removed. In other cases where users are just being annoying, we recommend ignoring them.


Stick to the rules of the human world . Remember to be alert at all times and be aware of your surroundings. Please do not invade in any way, or try to enter a property where you have no right to be.


Always respect the rules and mechanics of promotions determined by brands.

Don't cheat. GLIMPSY was designed to be used on a mobile device and take you to explore the city! Cheating methods include, at a minimum, the following: using modified or unofficial software; use multiple accounts (one account per user, please); share accounts; use tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or sell / trade accounts.


We will enforce the Terms of Use as well as these Guidelines. We will review reported or flagged user accounts and content and determine whether they violate the Terms of Use and / or these Guidelines. Accounts will be penalized for violations of the Terms of Use - we may issue a warning, suspend you from the platform or (for serious or repeated violations) close your Account.


We want to promote a diverse and positive community, so if you believe that you have seen content that may violate our Guidelines, help us by reporting it to .


We are all an important part of the GLIMPSY community! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement that can contribute to us, please contact us at .


Welcome to GLIMPSY!