I'm not able to login, help me.

Let's try a few steps to solve this:

1º Have you already created your profile in our app? If it is the first time that you access our platform, first you need to register.

2º Check if you are using the correct email and password. If they were entered incorrectly, the following error message “Incorrect E-mail or Password” will appear.

3º If you forgot your password, click on the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD.


I'm having trouble opening the app or using the camera.

Let's try a few steps to solve this:

1º Check your internet connection. Switch the connection between Wi-Fi and mobile data. Sometimes problems with your connection can affect the operation of the camera

2º Restart Glimpsy. Close the app and open it again. This may cause the camera to function properly again

3º Update the app. Go to your app store and check if the version of Glimpsy you are using is the most current

4º Restart your mobile. This can help the app to function properly

5º If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer of your cell phone or internet provider for help

Why can't I create or interact with Glimps in AR Mode only in Studio Mode?

If you are unable to use the app in AR Mode it means that your mobile is not identifying a valid surface. Low-light environments are not ideal for using Augmented Reality. The same happens if you are on the move (walking or inside a means of transport). In those cases the app will automatically open Studio Mode.


My account is blocked! What happened?

If your account has been blocked it means that we identified some activity in your profile that violated our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. This action was taken to protect our community and to keep Glimpsy safe, positive and fun for everyone.

You will not be able to log in if your account has been blocked. For more details on why and how to unlock it, send an email to hello@theglimpsy.com.

I have an iOS device and I'm having trouble installing Glimpsy.

Visit Apple solutions to application installation issues.

I have an Android device and I'm having trouble installing Glimpsy.

Visit Google solutions for application installation issues.

I want to give a feedback or a tip to Glimpsy.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints or want to report a problem with our app, contact us at hello@theglimpsy.com . We would love to hear from you!